Prior Park College
Prior Park College produces the first school version of 'A Girl MissRed' with Mel Lawman taking on the directorial role. Read more here. Read A Girl MissRed (Schools Edition) - Why we loved this as a show for our school.
A Girl MissRed is eminently approachable for secondary school casts. The variety of lead roles across the age-range, as well as plenty of chorus role potential, make it very effective as a combined Secondary Lower & Upper school production. The songs are catchy and memorable, with attainable, impactful harmonies & the variety of song choices to suit the abilities of your own cast is unique. Backing tracks for each number, provide invaluable supports for cast outside of rehearsals, whilst the live band arrangements are well arranged for a small group of pros/advanced pupil musicians. The storyline is appropriate, with an underlying thread of good core values and their importance, that will align with any school ethos/mission strapline. There isn’t that ‘one dodgy love/fight scene’ with content that you dread staging or showing your SLT/the parents, that exist in many contemporary Musicals. The key topics of adoption & neurodiversity provide good discussion points for a young school cast and the creative team have gone to pains to accurately historically depict the time period in the music, plot & dialogue and choreography.
Matt Nicholls, Prior Park College
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
'A GIRL MissRed' (previously named 'FRECKLES') performs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the first time since the pandemic.
The Forum, Bath
'MissRed the musical' (previously named 'FRECKLES') was due a run at The Forum in Bath in August 2021 with a cast of over 50 but was cancelled due to the pandemic. A cast recording was completed at Real World Recording studios.
St Paul's Church, Covent Garden
'FRECKLES THE MUSICAL' appeared at St Paul's Church as part of Iris Theatre's Workin Process initiative on June 2nd. The initiative supports new musical theatre writers. Lollie McKenzie starred as Fran. View the poster in full here.
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
'THE FRECKLES EFFECT', a reduced version of the show, ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August at The Emerald Theatre, featuring over 25 young performers from Bath. It received 5-star reviews and had a short run in Bath at The Roper Theatre.
Kingswood Theatre, Bath
THE PRODUCTION had a short run at Kingswood Theatre in August, sponsored by Kingswood School, Bath. The song "DARE WE" became a finalist for the Xmas Factor Song Contest. Awarded two masterclasses with Claude Michel-Schonberg, (the composer of Les Miserables) who then attended a production at St Paul’s Actor’s Church.
Memorial Hall, The Royal High School, Bath
THE PRODUCTION was first work-shopped in November at the Memorial Hall, The Royal High School in Bath, featuring talented performers between the ages of 7 - 19.