A hard to place girl in care, who has given up on people, is offered a placement by the sea. This is her wish come true. However, staying with a young grieving widow, meeting the small-minded prejudiced town folk and some mistrusting children, means that Miss Red’s journey will be turbulent. Labelled as Odd, can she ever fit in? “Some children are misunderstood. Fran is Miss Red.” Set in glorious Devon surroundings, opposite the iconic Art Deco hotel on Burgh Island, there is adventure, surprising encounters and against all odds, friendship and love. An “exuberant new musical”, (previously The Freckles Effect) awarded masterclasses with the composer of Les Miserables and featuring a finalist in the Stiles & Drewe competition for best song from a new musical.
A sure fire hit.
British Theatre Guide
The songs are reminiscent of tunes you would hear in classic Broadway shows and iconic Disney films.
Olivia Ruggiero.
The British Annie.
(Trailer for an older version of the show)